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The benefits of juicing your own fruits and vegetables as an addition to a healthy diet are multifold. In fact it can be one of the best natural remedies for many health problems. I remember that surge of energy from the first sip of juice I took with my juiceman juicer in the mid 90's.  I still feel that surge on the first sip of juice I drink now every day.

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The benefits of juicing over store bought juice

  • Its cheaper- I found I can make my own fresh juice, with mostly organic ingredients for .60-.80 cents a serving while the average cost of the best quality bottled juice is about $1.25 a serving.
  • It has more vitamins- Fresh fruits and vegetable  juices have all their nutrient content in tact. This includes the water soluble vitamins, vitamin C, the B vitamins, especially B1-Thiamin, B2 Riboflavin, biotin and folate. These nutrients are very unstable and are destroyed by heat, light and air. Therefore the vitamin C and B vitamins are destroyed by long shelf life and pasteurization in store bought juices.
  • It has live enzymes-Fresh produce has many live enzymes which helps in food digestion and other metabolic functions. The high temperature of pasteurization (required in store bought juice) changes the molecular structure of the enzymes, leaving them unable to react with other nutrients, essentially leaving them 'dead'.    
  • It will have no additives-Although some store bought juice will be 100% juice, many others will have added water, sweeteners and preservatives which reduces nutritional value. 
  • It has an unaltered form of chlorophyll- When chlorophyll is heated at high temperatures, as in pasteurization, the molecules change form, losing the magnesium atom, becoming a less effective antioxidant as observed in a 2013 study in Taiwan.
  • It tastes better- Naturally your own homemade juice will taste fresher because it IS fresher and you body can easily sense the multitude of vitamins and minerals being fed to it.

The benefits of juicing over eating the whole food

  • The nutrients are delivered to your cells quicker- This is because there is no digestion of whole food needed. The juice can go directly into your bloodstream
  • You get a greater amount of nutrients- It takes 6-8 carrots to make one cup of carrot juice. Most people wouldn't eat more than one raw carrot at a time. That means you would be consuming 6-8 times the nutrients than if you ate the whole food.
  • You will have more energy- Not only will the chlorophyll and other nutrients give you energy, but your body wont be expending energy to digest food, that leave more energy for you.

The healing benefits of juicing

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Although there are many skeptics who deny the claims of the healing power of juicing (many of those are associated with the medical industry which loses money when people turn to other forms of treatment than drugs and medicine)

Consider George Malkmus, the preacher who turned to nutrition for healing when diagnosed with colon cancer. His nutritional program for healing relies largely on fresh juice. On his website there is a multitude of testimonials of healing from 40-50 different illnesses including cancer by following his raw food and juice diet.

Dr. Max Gerson (October 18 1881-March 8 1959) a well known physician who used intensive juice therapy for patients also was healed from cancer on a juice diet. Jay Kordich, the famous Juiceman from the 1990's successfully followed Gersons juice diet to be healed from cancer.

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